Membership benefits

Network members have unlimited company-wide access to those ORCHSE networks to which they belong. Total Access members have access to all nine networks at a substantially reduced single fee. Companies may designate representatives to attend ORCHSE network meetings (26 total meetings per year) and access all the services and content for each network, including:

  • Network meetings:
    • Interact with experts and thought leaders and hear cutting-edge ideas for improving performance
    • Network and share best practices with members and other peer industry leaders
    • Exchange views with US and international government agency representatives
  • Consulting:
    • Unlimited phone and e-mail access to ORCHSE consultants
    • Annual one day on-site visit by ORCHSE consultant (on request)
    • Periodic webinars on selected critical topics
  • Benchmarking:
    • Annual injury and illness and management systems surveys
    • Ad hoc surveys created upon request
    • Access to more than 130 survey reports available online
    • Facilitate individual member benchmarking needs on request
  • News Updates: Frequent alerts and summaries of the latest US and Global HSE developments
  • Regulatory, policy and legislative activities
    • Track progress and update members on US and Global developments
    • Participate in government forums to help shape government requirements
  • Task Forces: Subject matter experts from member companies develop information and positions for government regulators and develop new strategies and approaches to HSE issues
  • Total Access web page: (For Total Access Members) A web page dedicated to Total Access members where news, meeting announcements and other essential information from the nine network pages is aggregated for easy access
  • Access to ORCHSE’s supplementary Consulting Service experts at reduced fees
  • HSE Country Profiles:
    • Extensive, up-to-date documents available on-line covering more than 50 countries and major regions
    • Identification of governmental agencies and summaries of legislative and regulatory requirements that affect worker health and safety and environmental practices
    • Checklists of HSE compliance questions with references for use in audits

Through this ready access to our uniquely qualified and highly experienced professionals and to our vast reserve of information and broad range of services to help members effectively address technical HSE topics, strategic business issues, and US and global regulatory and compliance matters, we provide members with the critical tools to help reduce risk, assure compliance and make the most productive use of in-house resources in their worldwide operations.